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Midnight Pool Party – Vulnerable

New fresh cuts. If you were lookin’ for ’em, we got ’em.  It’s kind of what we do here. One of the most choice cuts, is the newest offering from one of our favorites around here, Midnight Pool Party, and their latest single, “Vulnerable“. This one is fitting perfectly with the recent cooler weather returning. […]

Cosmo’s Midnight – History

Well, I for one, am VERY happy about this little slice of disco goodness…a new song from Cosmo’s Midnight! Yeah, THAT Cosmo’s Midnight! With a welcoming ring to a new year, the CM boys bring a beautifully orchestrated piece of future disco here, with their new track, “History“. Floating synths glide along a beautiful vocal track, […]

Michael Mason – The Journey Part 3

Well, first: HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEAR! We are SO excited with how things have been turning for us at “The Hawk”, and we can’t wait to share what’s next. Trust, it’s dope. ANYHOW, back to the music! Usually, I prefer posting individual songs, but this mixtape….sheeesh! HOT LIKE FYRE. If you start a mixtape off […]

Malarkey – Arcade Brain

I mean, sometimes, songs just hit you RIGHT in the feels. Like, directly. Head on. You get it. Songs, like this new insane future funk space jam from Malarkey, “Arcade Brain“, which is out now on Tipsy Records. If you wanted to kick off the dust of yesterday, and strap your dancing shoes firmly to […]

Lope & Cantola – You Waited

Well, hot damn! Just when you think every week is going to be like the last…you have Audiophile Live dropping the new Lope & Cantola EP entitled “Keep Moving”…and JUST LIKE THAT…you are movin’ and a-groovin’. Full of bouncy, beautiful and uplifting synth work…You Waited is a driving track that builds with precision and pace. […]

Khamsin – Space (feat. M. Maggie)

Like a slow walk through a snow-covered forest, this song slowly encompasses you with each passing moment. Atmospheric where it needs to be, and driving at times as well, the new single from Khamsin featuring M. Maggie, “Space” is a perfect respite from the often complicated world around us. Deep pianos, reverberated vocal clips, and […]

Gryff – Dive

Whoa. If you feel like you need an instant pick-me-up/feel-good jam…I’m here, with exactly that type of bacon. Gryff comes thundering in with this excellent and wonderful slice of future funk and disco, combined with a subtle tropical flair to create what is easily one of the best songs of the summer, and possibly the […]