Golden Vessel – Shoulders ft Elkkle & Mallrat

Starting this week of with a gorgeous track from Golden Vessel. A collaboration with Elkkle & Mallard, “Shoulders” is a driving-yet-dreamy song that carries a lot of emotion. From the booming kick to the warm bass, this track envelops the listener quite beautifully. Wind down you evenings with this one…or start off your day with it.

Vanessa Elisha – Dark & Lonely (Prod By. XXYYXX)

Let’s slow it down a bit and get ready for hump day properly! Very excited to share this fine jam from Vanessa Elisha featuring production from XXYYXX. It feature strong “future” elements, including some impressive and airy synths coupled with a broken up beat. Vanessa’s vocals coat the song with a sweet sadness that you can’t help but be enticed by. One thing we really enjoy is how this song rides the line between genres while still retaining the feel of the song.

Jason Gaffner – Phantom (Keljet Remix)

Enjoy your Friday (or Saturday depending on where you live) with this dark cut of Summer-time dance via Jason Gaffner and Keljet. This remix of “Phantom” retains the original vibe but adds an airiness that complements Mr. Gaffner’s soulful vocals. Synthesizers marry perfectly with the indie dance inspired drums and subtle, yet driving, bassline.

Michael Mason – The Journey Part 3


We are SO excited with how things have been turning for us at “The Hawk”, and we can’t wait to share what’s next. Trust, it’s dope.

ANYHOW, back to the music! Usually, I prefer posting individual songs, but this mixtape….sheeesh! HOT LIKE FYRE.

If you start a mixtape off with Danny Brown, I will be hooked. Just saying.

For the uninitiated, Michael Mason is a producer who has been making waves lately, specifically with his new EP, “Let It Fall”. And for this mixtape, Mr. Mason takes on a retrospective journey of his year, turning us into some epic tunes along the way.

Hopefully a playlist is forthcoming…need to DL some of this ASAP.


Secret Spade – Gallows

Today we bring you a lovely cut of intimate electronica from Australian-duo Secret Spade.

Their latest track is called “Gallows” and it features a warm sound with plenty to enjoy. A deep bass element is apparent throughout this song as a chorus of synth plucks compliment it. Perfectly nestled between Future and Deep House.

Plus…how can you not love that vocal track?

Lope & Cantola – You Waited

Well, hot damn! Just when you think every week is going to be like the last…you have Audiophile Live dropping the new Lope & Cantola EP entitled “Keep Moving”…and JUST LIKE THAT…you are movin’ and a-groovin’.

Full of bouncy, beautiful and uplifting synth work…You Waited is a driving track that builds with precision and pace. Slowly meandering up a hill layered with beautiful, echoing synth work…and when you reach the zenith…the view is impeccable.

If you need a good head-boppin’ tune to get you through the work day…let Lope & Cantola take the reigns.


Khamsin – Space (feat. M. Maggie)

Like a slow walk through a snow-covered forest, this song slowly encompasses you with each passing moment. Atmospheric where it needs to be, and driving at times as well, the new single from Khamsin featuring M. Maggie, “Space” is a perfect respite from the often complicated world around us.

Deep pianos, reverberated vocal clips, and beautifully delivered vocals from M. Maggie, turn “Space” into a soul-searching journey, complete with a pulsating chorus melody, letting its hair down, if only slightly.

When you need a moment to think, or just a little room to breathe…drop the needle on this one ASAP and thank us later.


P.S. dont forget to grab his new EP, out now on Yunizon Records!

Ark Patrol – Curious (feat. Victoria Zaro)

Any good cocktail contains measured portions, in some capacity. Any good song, does too. And again, Ark Patrol hit a straight up bullseye with a dreamy slice of indie/electronica, their new tune “Curious”, featuring Victoria Zaro.

I’ve written about Ark Patrol before on DH, and as much as I love showcasing new and unheard of artists…sometimes, you go with the good stuff. And this is it.

Rolling basses cascade down catchy, synth-filled choruses…a slow yet driving swell of emotion and keys. Hints of 80’s dream pop mixed with a tendenacy for funk-laden synth lines should land this one on some end-of-year-lists.

In any case, don’t wait til then. Get jammin’ ahora mismo.


Nicolette Larson – Lotta Luv (VA + JCG Edit)

Another terrific release from VinyAddicted with support from Jean Claude Gavri on this amazing 10” pink vinyl. They really did a superb job of updating and clubbing up this Nicolette Larson classic. If you love your mom (and limited edition records) you should buy this and have a little dance party with her ~ Get on this ~

Snag this soon to be impossible to find record at Discogs.


Till next boogie,
Most West

AR Ferdinand – Vespucci Beach (Ft. Carlos Neda & Josh Oleo)

Happy to bring you this slice of dreamy, summer goodness from El Salvadorian producer, AR Ferdinand. “Vespucci Beach” features a beautiful arrangement with amazing guitar work. It’s a track that truly blends the lines between live performance and studio production. While the start is rather sleepy, it offsets the driving emotion from the vocals and melodies of Carlos Neda and Josh Oleo. A wonderful closing track for Summer.