PREMIERE: Jason Gaffner – Feel Something (Factuel remix)

PREMIERE: Jason Gaffner - Feel Something (Factuel remix) = DaiquiriHawk.comHappy Friday, Hawks and Hawkettes!

We have a really special surprise for everyone today, a world premiere of Factuel’s remix of Jason Gaffner’s “Feel Something”!

If you woke up today thinking…”I need that FUNK”. We got you, we got you.

Taking the epic grooves of the original and lacing it up with clean, bouncing synth work, Factuel has really put a sweet spin on this tune. Nu-disco is alive and well, as the tune ebbs and flows through deeper grooves and comes blasting back as the pitched-down vocals lead the drop into a beautiful melange of horns and synths.

Smooth feels, heavy synth work, and a nod to the hey-day of Nu-Disco (2008, right??), this tune is perfect for warming up any cold day, or vibe.

Throw this one into your rotation and let the feels…heal.

Loframes Feat. Anoraak – Since You’ve Gone (FINAL DJS Remix)

What happens when you bring three titans of feel good, electro  Nu Disco together?

You might get something that sounds like the FINAL DJS remix of “Since You’ve Gone” from Loframes + Anoraak. Bringing together the sounds of summer nostalgia and an indie dance groove you can’t deny. There is a lot of impressive synth work here as well. A late night jam that is sure to get you feeling good.

Monday Roundup | August 28 2017

We have five good reasons for you to clap your hands and say yeah. Monday this week brings a collection of tracks inspired by the Indie Dance side of things…with just a dash of Disco:

Tabrill – Lossless (feat. Emily)

Infectious pop sounds combine with a chilled out beat to create an almost euphoric track. The vocals courtesy of Emily complete the arrangement beautifully. Definitely one to wrap yourself up in.

Indeep – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Stephen Richards Remix)

Stephen Richards does it again. This time with a hypnotic take on Indeep’s well known hit “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life”. This version is deep washed in Disco vibes and has everything you need from a proper groove.

NoMBe – Young Hearts (Jason Gaffner Remix)

Dreamy vocals and a deliciously retro beat bring Jason Gaffner’s take on “Young Hearts” to life. Upbeat with just enough sleepiness to keep you coming back for more.

Yumi Zouma – Depths (Pt. I)

One of my favorite groups. “Depths (Pt. I)” is a gorgeous track that seems to get it all right. Sweet vocals, incredibly intricate instrumental work, and a simple packaging make this one a sure hit.

Greg Wanders – Wildfire

Smooth and soulful. Cannot go wrong when you bring the best elements of R&B + Neo-Soul together. Not to mention incredible vocals and lyrics that are completely relatable.

Wednesday Roundup | August 23 2017

Ready to take that hump day to a bump day? We have five selections that are sure to put some pep in that step and get you even closer to the weekend.

Disco Fries ft. Great Good Fine OK – Moving On

Two of our personal favorites come together for the ultimate feel good track! Lots of bounce and feels on this one.

Klyne – Sure Thing

Neo-soul masters Klyne bring the heat with this track. Off their self-titled album which we HIGHLY recommend.

Toniia & Menend – Here Where I Am

Toniia and Menend join forces on this beautiful track. Big beat, soulful vocals, and driving synths bring it to life.

She Said Disco – Time To Move

Take an electronic bath in 80s glory with the latest from “She Said Disco”! Throwing it back to this 2016 Nervous Inc. release.

Just Kiddin x Dirty Radio – My Life

Just Kiddin and Dirty Radio are a perfect match for what just may be the most summer-y track of the summer!

Monday Roundup | August 21 2017

What’s in a Monday? How about five vibe-filled tracks that are sure to help start your week right? Today we bring you the latest from Moon Boots, Birdee, JNL featuring Vikings, Third Floor, as well as the latest from myself.

From Disco to chill there is plenty to love here. So turn that frown upside down, get that chin up, and eclipse any negative thoughts with these fantastic tracks.

Moon Boots – Never Get To You Feat. Antony & Cleopatra

This fantastic cut comes off his debut album “First Landing” out now. A soul filled, heart wrenching jam with MB’s signature keys evident.

JNL + Vikings – Into The Fire

Downtempo and a down jam! Filled with groove and a slick guitar line. How about those vocals?

Betty Moon – Life Is But A Dream (Birdee Remix)

The disco master does it again! This time for LA based artist Betty Moon who sees her album “Chrome” drop 8/25.

Third Floor – Oceans

If you haven’t heard of “Third Floor” yet, this is your chance to get aquatinted. “Oceans” is emotion filled and beat driven with soulful pianos.

Alex Harrington – Take Me to My Lover

If you dig disco this one is for you! Out now.

Interview Series: Jez Ry (Acid Stag, Mammal Sounds)

Interview Series: Jez Ry (Acid Stag, Mammal Sounds) - DaiquiriHawk.comOver the past 10 years, bloggers and independent musicians have shared an increasingly important bond. While the mainstream is mostly controlled by organizations the independent landscape is rich with talent. So how does one go about finding this talent? Even more so, how does one provide such artists with a platform for exposure?

Australian super-blog “Acid Stag” and PR company “Mammal Sounds” founder, Jez Ry is a master of discovering great music. The founder of Acid Stag is constantly covering the freshest and most genuine music being created today. Catering to no specific sound, genre, they bridge the gap between popular artists and those who are up and coming. His work with Mammal Sounds goes deeper with Jez pushing various artists who’s works may go otherwise unnoticed.

His passion is apparent and he has done well to make an ever growing name for both Acid Stag and Mammal Sounds. We had the chance to ask him a few questions and we gladly did so 🙂

1. What made you want to get into music PR and blogging?

Acid Stag; I was always on the hunt for new tunes and sharing them with (hassling) my friends on Facebook or whatever, then after a a year or so of watching me do this, my boyfriend at the time suggested we make a music blog and start putting these tracks up there, so we did, and that was the birth of Acid Stag and within 6 months I was doing a phone interview with one of my favourite bands of all time, The Rapture – insane!

Mammal Sounds; I began managing some friends of mine a few years ago called Back Back Forward Punch. I just wanted to help them get their music out there, and thought that being a band manager would be pretty cool, haha. This was going quite well for just over a year before I took on another duo called Midnight Pool Party, and from there things just kept rolling along very nicely. Before I knew it I was managing five insanely talented projects – cln, Golden Vessel, Midnight Pool Party, Back Back Forward Punch, and my newest guy Benji Lewis.

The publicity side of Mammal Sounds came from all of the terrible publicity Acid Stag was being sent. I felt so bad for these artists that were paying these people to promote their music in such a shitty way, and figured I could do a better job and really help them out, so I started doing publicity for other artists outside the MS mgmt roster, and that just seemed to take on a life of its own.


2. Both Acid Stag and Mammal Sounds share the work of artists across multiple genres. Are there any that you prefer in particular?

My tastes are quite varied actually…but you can see that from the content on Acid Stag I guess. For me it’s all about losing yourself in a really good song, a song that has an effect on you, whether that’s physical or emotional….and I will admit that I do have a bit of a soft-spot when it comes to disco 🙂


3. Which artists do you see making their mark in 2017?

haha, well I’d suggest keeping an eye on cln, Golden Vessel, Midnight Pool Party & Benji Lewis, who all have some pretty exciting things happening this year. I do also have my eyes on a few other talented artists but I don’t want to give them away just yet 🙂


4. The Australian music scene has been red hot for years. How have you seen it change over time?

When I was growing up it felt like Australia was just so far away and disconnected from the rest of the world. I used to have to order CDs via a dial-up modem internet and wait weeks for them to arrive…it was painful!

There’s such an insane amount of young talented artists coming out of Australia these days. One of the things I love most about Acid Stag is being able to discover so many of these artists/musicians/producers on a regular basis, and that’s also how I met my guys cln, Golden Vessel, Midnight Pool Party and Benji Lewis!

ahh the internet, I’d be lost without you!


5. If you could meet yourself but a younger version…what advice would you give them?

don’t be scared, do everything 🙂


6. Favourite meal to enjoy before heading out for a show?

Hmmm, I think pizza is my preferred pre-gig dinner choice, a delicious vegetarian pizza with pumpkin!


Enjoy the latest HUMP DAY mix from Acid Stag and our good friends, Just Kiddin:


Cosmo’s Midnight – History

Well, I for one, am VERY happy about this little slice of disco goodness…a new song from Cosmo’s Midnight!

Yeah, THAT Cosmo’s Midnight!

With a welcoming ring to a new year, the CM boys bring a beautifully orchestrated piece of future disco here, with their new track, “History“. Floating synths glide along a beautiful vocal track, bringing the head-nods to an ultimate high as the chorus kicks into gear.

If you like feeling good, dancing around in your living room, or just believing that a song can change your whole outlook…dive into this bad boy right now.

Date Night ft Neda – Something More

Delighted to bring you a fresh track from Australian-sax house masters “Date Night“. The boys (Anders, Mike, and Sharif) recently put out their debut album and this is just one, fantastic and engaging offering from the record. “Something More” features the talents of Neda and is a slight break from their usual work.

Featuring a slowed down tempo and plenty of funk, “Something More” is a track that can appeal to everyone. Great arrangement and of course the instrumental work is amazing. Enjoy this one anytime, anywhere.

Soul Clap – Synthesizer Girlfriend

Soul Clap is life. Go vote.

~ Get on this ~

Go get this whole dope album Crew Love

New G-house AND FRIENDS comin at cha Saturday at 10pm at the Short Stop – 1455 Sunset blvd.

Till next boogie,
Most West
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Fresh Band – Come Back Lover (Dub Version)

Hey folks got a quick boogie recommendation for you guys this week. I went to the Crate Diggers Record fair and snagged some serious gems. This one right here comes right out of 1984 from the Fresh Band on Are ‘n Be Records.
~ Get on this ~

Snag the EP on vinyl at Discogs

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