JNTHN STEIN – Master Control ft. BXRBER (Pat Lok Remix)

You could say things between us and Pat Lok are pretty serious.

Hell, we should just dedicate a weekly section to the man! His latest offering comes in the form of a remix for the incomparable JNTHN STEIN. His take on “Master Control” is sexy, slick and filled with groove. The beat takes the shape of a smooth hip hop jam while the synths soar above it with a lightness. Of course, there is some fancy key work here. Some how, Pat Lok always finds a way to surprise us no matter how inconspicuous it is.

Vanessa Elisha – Dark & Lonely (Prod By. XXYYXX)

Let’s slow it down a bit and get ready for hump day properly! Very excited to share this fine jam from Vanessa Elisha featuring production from XXYYXX. It feature strong “future” elements, including some impressive and airy synths coupled with a broken up beat. Vanessa’s vocals coat the song with a sweet sadness that you can’t help but be enticed by. One thing we really enjoy is how this song rides the line between genres while still retaining the feel of the song.

Daily Holla – Waves (ft. J Fitz)

It doesn’t get lusher than this…

The latest offering from Australian young gun Daily Holla is a fantastic cut of future sounds with an intoxicating beat. “Waves” is the second single off his forthcoming “the HYPERCOLOUR collection EP” and it does not disappoint. Cutting synths and airy pads melt perfectly into the vocals, courtesy of J Fitz.

Daily Holla:


Michael Mason – The Journey Part 3


We are SO excited with how things have been turning for us at “The Hawk”, and we can’t wait to share what’s next. Trust, it’s dope.

ANYHOW, back to the music! Usually, I prefer posting individual songs, but this mixtape….sheeesh! HOT LIKE FYRE.

If you start a mixtape off with Danny Brown, I will be hooked. Just saying.

For the uninitiated, Michael Mason is a producer who has been making waves lately, specifically with his new EP, “Let It Fall”. And for this mixtape, Mr. Mason takes on a retrospective journey of his year, turning us into some epic tunes along the way.

Hopefully a playlist is forthcoming…need to DL some of this ASAP.


Malarkey – Arcade Brain

I mean, sometimes, songs just hit you RIGHT in the feels. Like, directly. Head on. You get it.

Songs, like this new insane future funk space jam from Malarkey, “Arcade Brain“, which is out now on Tipsy Records.

If you wanted to kick off the dust of yesterday, and strap your dancing shoes firmly to the floor…this songs rides elegantly off into the funky sunset on wings of blistering synths and delightful sonic auras.

The building vocal clips harmonizing with the beautiful synth work, the flow, the vibe…I’m telling ya…IT’S ALL GOOD.

Don’t sleep on this one.

PROMS you’ll regret, if you nap.

Lope & Cantola – You Waited

Well, hot damn! Just when you think every week is going to be like the last…you have Audiophile Live dropping the new Lope & Cantola EP entitled “Keep Moving”…and JUST LIKE THAT…you are movin’ and a-groovin’.

Full of bouncy, beautiful and uplifting synth work…You Waited is a driving track that builds with precision and pace. Slowly meandering up a hill layered with beautiful, echoing synth work…and when you reach the zenith…the view is impeccable.

If you need a good head-boppin’ tune to get you through the work day…let Lope & Cantola take the reigns.


Khamsin – Space (feat. M. Maggie)

Like a slow walk through a snow-covered forest, this song slowly encompasses you with each passing moment. Atmospheric where it needs to be, and driving at times as well, the new single from Khamsin featuring M. Maggie, “Space” is a perfect respite from the often complicated world around us.

Deep pianos, reverberated vocal clips, and beautifully delivered vocals from M. Maggie, turn “Space” into a soul-searching journey, complete with a pulsating chorus melody, letting its hair down, if only slightly.

When you need a moment to think, or just a little room to breathe…drop the needle on this one ASAP and thank us later.


P.S. dont forget to grab his new EP, out now on Yunizon Records!

O R I O N – Rare Card


If you thought summer was slowing down, you are flat-out wrong, my friend.

But fear not, O R I O N has come through with sweet-as-sin little number entitled “Rare Card“, and it’s here to save your summer…BRO.

Featured as the 8th release on Ear Cvndy, this upbeat, synth-soaked jam begins like a ray of sun breaking through a morning fog, slowly clearing it’s path. As the drums build behind the airy sax and timely bells, the drop brings things full circle, as a phased synth guides you right on home.

So, go ahead and make yourself another smooth cocktail, and turn the dial up to a ripe ol’ 11.

It’s party time.

LIGHTS – Slow Down (WRLD remix)

August is here, the sun is fully pumping its rays down on Southern California…and we’re ready to keep bringing you the sweetest jams known to the human race.

And now, speaking of sweet sweet grooves,  we have a jam of epic proportions from the likes of the ever-rising WRLD, who is expertly remixing Lights groovy new tune, “Slow Down“! Although it’s nearly 2 months old…this song deserves all the sunshine.

Heavy on the synth and equally as delightful, this tune brings the punch straight from the start. Bouncy bass lines drive a clean vocal cut that drives the song forward, urging your hands closer and closer to clapping along. And once the chorus synth hits, you’ll be in full-on groove mode, and quite possibly, have somehow poured yourself a summer cocktail as well…as this song is perfect for long afternoons in the sunshine. Well played, my friend, well played.



Møme – Aloha (The Geek X Vrv remix)

We may be a few weeks late on this one…but boy are we glad we found it!

Coming at you with silky smooth pianos and fluttering vocal clips, this groovy is built for sandy beaches and frosted beverages.

The Geek x Vrv take Møme‘s “Aloha” and turn it into a future-funk treat, punchy in all of the right places, never carrying away from the groove and hitting you right in the disco. Headnodding effortlessly melts into a blissful and bright piano, as swirls fade into the drums…you’ll be in full on groove mode by the team the chorus comes back in. Trust.

Take this one with your favorite mixed drink, and perhaps splurge on the extra pineapple.

If you feel like buttering up your week with a slice of toasty electronic goodness,  jump on this one ASAP.