PREMIERE: Isle & Fever – Dime Piece (Jason Gaffner Remix)

Debuting the latest from crooner/jammer/musician extraordinaire Jason Gaffner. His take on “Dime Piece” from Isle & Fever is a slick cut that contains the right amounts of groove and fun. Retaining the the feel of the original track while also providing us with something new. Indie Dance goodness at it’s finest!

Jason Gaffner – Phantom (Keljet Remix)

Enjoy your Friday (or Saturday depending on where you live) with this dark cut of Summer-time dance via Jason Gaffner and Keljet. This remix of “Phantom” retains the original vibe but adds an airiness that complements Mr. Gaffner’s soulful vocals. Synthesizers marry perfectly with the indie dance inspired drums and subtle, yet driving, bassline.

Khamsin – Space (feat. M. Maggie)

Like a slow walk through a snow-covered forest, this song slowly encompasses you with each passing moment. Atmospheric where it needs to be, and driving at times as well, the new single from Khamsin featuring M. Maggie, “Space” is a perfect respite from the often complicated world around us.

Deep pianos, reverberated vocal clips, and beautifully delivered vocals from M. Maggie, turn “Space” into a soul-searching journey, complete with a pulsating chorus melody, letting its hair down, if only slightly.

When you need a moment to think, or just a little room to breathe…drop the needle on this one ASAP and thank us later.


P.S. dont forget to grab his new EP, out now on Yunizon Records!

Ark Patrol – Curious (feat. Victoria Zaro)

Any good cocktail contains measured portions, in some capacity. Any good song, does too. And again, Ark Patrol hit a straight up bullseye with a dreamy slice of indie/electronica, their new tune “Curious”, featuring Victoria Zaro.

I’ve written about Ark Patrol before on DH, and as much as I love showcasing new and unheard of artists…sometimes, you go with the good stuff. And this is it.

Rolling basses cascade down catchy, synth-filled choruses…a slow yet driving swell of emotion and keys. Hints of 80’s dream pop mixed with a tendenacy for funk-laden synth lines should land this one on some end-of-year-lists.

In any case, don’t wait til then. Get jammin’ ahora mismo.


Gryff – Dive

Whoa. If you feel like you need an instant pick-me-up/feel-good jam…I’m here, with exactly that type of bacon.

Gryff comes thundering in with this excellent and wonderful slice of future funk and disco, combined with a subtle tropical flair to create what is easily one of the best songs of the summer, and possibly the year. Groovy guitar licks dance around as synths fire off here and there, as the vocals take a hold of the beat, and your heart.

Somewhat melancholic, yet filled with energy and harmony…this tune is ready for late-summer shindigs, and mid-winter underground clubs.  Turn the heat up, buddy.

NotNo – Talk Fast

NotNo - Talk Fast - DaiquiriHawk.comWell, this one is a throw-back style jam that just hits all the right notes, grooves, and feels. Such feels.

I’m not sure who these guys are, but NotNo are bringing heavy 80’s synth base rumbles, coupled with groove-laden rhythms, and one of the best sing-along choruses of the summer in their new tune, Talk Fast.  Smoothly delivered vocals ride alongside the intricate melodies laid through out the song, as this one is made for Friday nights and long summer nights.

Three cheers if you can stop yourself from nodding along to the entire song.

Do yourself a favor and pop this one in the tape deck of your dad’s ’68 chevy…or like, on your phone, while on your couch, ordering delivery. Either way, it’s a sweet jam that deserves high fives from everyone.



Click that HEART on HypeM here.

Wolfside – Chaos

If you’re looking for a tune to start your day, we’ve got your cup of joe…

This groovy new tune from Wolfside, “Chaos”, provides an upbeat, catchy and all around good-time soundtrack to basically any endeavor: we’d recommend relaxing on a hammock.

Dizzying vocals collide with plucked guitars that swell into the chant-filled chorus, blissfully drawing heartstrings and head-bangs all at the same time.

Just get ready to sway, groove, and nod your head.

Oh, and don’t forget to drink your coffee.

Paperwhite – On My Own

What’s that you say? Do we have a  “feel good, head bobbing jam” that could brighten up even the most dreary of dispositions?

Well, yes, yes we do.

…you know who we are, right?

Anyway, Paperwhite delivers an epic pop anthem in On My Own, which floats along arpeggiated bass lines and sugary sweet harmonies. Sliced up vocal samples add levels to the chorus, and hit you just like a smooth chocolate brownie…sweet, yet satisfying.

Perfect for long drives, afternoon mojitos, or a sweet game of ping pong…turn this one up to 11 and inhale the good vibes.

Pick up Paperwhite on iTunes!