Interview Series: Mahalo

This week we bring you a brand new “Interview Series” featuring none other than Mahalo aka Nick Jay. Having put out some killer remixes and originals over the past few years, Mahalo is gearing up for what looks to be his biggest year yet. He’s been taking the stage at various events across the country and we get the feeling he’s just getting started. Enjoy an exclusive Q&A we did with him as well as his track “Current Mood” below. Don’t forget…no pineapple on your pizza, kids.

Your growth in 2016 has led to a busy 2017, how has the year been for you?

Mahalo: While it is definitely the busiest year I’ve ever had it has also been my favorite so far. Lots happening to be excited about!

Is it difficult to balance your music/work-life with your personal one?

Mahalo: Absolutely. I wouldn’t say it’s anything unmanageable but it’s definitely becoming more and more difficult to make time for the more leisurely things in life.

Big shows are becoming a regular thing for you, anything special coming up?

Mahalo: This year I’m performing at EDC which is very special for me. I’ve been going to EDC since I was teenager so it’s a major milestone for me as an artist.

Is pineapple on pizza a good or bad thing? (we know, we know)

Mahalo: A token Hawaii question, huh Alex? Haha dude never put pineapple on your pizza.

Any upcoming releases?

Mahalo: My new track “Heaven” drops the 23rd of June with Adam from Eton Messy/Blonde’s new imprint, Night Beast Records and as part of a joint venture with Perfect Havoc. Very excited for this one.

Special announcements?

Mahalo: Lots! but it’s still too early to announce so all I can say is stay tuned 🙂

Interview Series: Jez Ry (Acid Stag, Mammal Sounds)

Interview Series: Jez Ry (Acid Stag, Mammal Sounds) - DaiquiriHawk.comOver the past 10 years, bloggers and independent musicians have shared an increasingly important bond. While the mainstream is mostly controlled by organizations the independent landscape is rich with talent. So how does one go about finding this talent? Even more so, how does one provide such artists with a platform for exposure?

Australian super-blog “Acid Stag” and PR company “Mammal Sounds” founder, Jez Ry is a master of discovering great music. The founder of Acid Stag is constantly covering the freshest and most genuine music being created today. Catering to no specific sound, genre, they bridge the gap between popular artists and those who are up and coming. His work with Mammal Sounds goes deeper with Jez pushing various artists who’s works may go otherwise unnoticed.

His passion is apparent and he has done well to make an ever growing name for both Acid Stag and Mammal Sounds. We had the chance to ask him a few questions and we gladly did so 🙂

1. What made you want to get into music PR and blogging?

Acid Stag; I was always on the hunt for new tunes and sharing them with (hassling) my friends on Facebook or whatever, then after a a year or so of watching me do this, my boyfriend at the time suggested we make a music blog and start putting these tracks up there, so we did, and that was the birth of Acid Stag and within 6 months I was doing a phone interview with one of my favourite bands of all time, The Rapture – insane!

Mammal Sounds; I began managing some friends of mine a few years ago called Back Back Forward Punch. I just wanted to help them get their music out there, and thought that being a band manager would be pretty cool, haha. This was going quite well for just over a year before I took on another duo called Midnight Pool Party, and from there things just kept rolling along very nicely. Before I knew it I was managing five insanely talented projects – cln, Golden Vessel, Midnight Pool Party, Back Back Forward Punch, and my newest guy Benji Lewis.

The publicity side of Mammal Sounds came from all of the terrible publicity Acid Stag was being sent. I felt so bad for these artists that were paying these people to promote their music in such a shitty way, and figured I could do a better job and really help them out, so I started doing publicity for other artists outside the MS mgmt roster, and that just seemed to take on a life of its own.


2. Both Acid Stag and Mammal Sounds share the work of artists across multiple genres. Are there any that you prefer in particular?

My tastes are quite varied actually…but you can see that from the content on Acid Stag I guess. For me it’s all about losing yourself in a really good song, a song that has an effect on you, whether that’s physical or emotional….and I will admit that I do have a bit of a soft-spot when it comes to disco 🙂


3. Which artists do you see making their mark in 2017?

haha, well I’d suggest keeping an eye on cln, Golden Vessel, Midnight Pool Party & Benji Lewis, who all have some pretty exciting things happening this year. I do also have my eyes on a few other talented artists but I don’t want to give them away just yet 🙂


4. The Australian music scene has been red hot for years. How have you seen it change over time?

When I was growing up it felt like Australia was just so far away and disconnected from the rest of the world. I used to have to order CDs via a dial-up modem internet and wait weeks for them to arrive…it was painful!

There’s such an insane amount of young talented artists coming out of Australia these days. One of the things I love most about Acid Stag is being able to discover so many of these artists/musicians/producers on a regular basis, and that’s also how I met my guys cln, Golden Vessel, Midnight Pool Party and Benji Lewis!

ahh the internet, I’d be lost without you!


5. If you could meet yourself but a younger version…what advice would you give them?

don’t be scared, do everything 🙂


6. Favourite meal to enjoy before heading out for a show?

Hmmm, I think pizza is my preferred pre-gig dinner choice, a delicious vegetarian pizza with pumpkin!


Enjoy the latest HUMP DAY mix from Acid Stag and our good friends, Just Kiddin:


Daiquiri Hawk Interview Series | POOLCLVB

We are barely into the new year and already have an incredible release from Australian-poolside sensation, POOLCLVB. Currently busy burning up the Summer scene down under, he recently put out a new release titled “You + Me EP

Anyone familiar with his previous work will be delighted with this latest offering. This EP features four original tracks…all high quality. Finding itself between Deep and Tropical House, this release is consistent and fun. “Always” was a stand out track for myself but to be honest…it was hard to pick just one favorite.




We had the chance to ask the man himself a few questions:

First off, congrats on your new EP! Can you tell us what inspired you to write it?

Thaaaanks, I’m over the moon with how people have been responding. Its pretty special to me, i guess its heavily inspired by real events and people in my life. Ive created two characters, in essence a story of boy meets girl and it basically tells a tale of ups and downs… but mostly ups.


How would you describe your sound?

Buoyant, lush, crisp and punchy poolside pop-house!


Can you name one track that you MUST include in your sets?

I don’t think I’ve EVER stopped playing ‘Want You In My Soul’ by Lovebirds. Whilst It’s kind of become a staple at pool parties world wide, I cant get enough of Stee Downs on the vocal. Has to be the full 8 minute version.


Who are some of the artists that inspired you?

I’m inspired by someone new nearly every day, its crazy how much talent is out there just waiting to be unearthed. My personal journey has been super eclectic, house and techno legends like Derrick Carter, Green Velvet, Solid Groove, Derrick May through to more current electronic acts like RUFUS, Tourist, Bob Moses…even Duke Dumont…if it swings, I’m sold.


After a long run of shows…what’s your favourite way to unwind?

Take a dip, obviously. <3


Massive thank you to POOLCLVB for taking the time to answer these deep, deep, questions and make sure you check out his latest release, “You + Me EP” out now.



Daiquiri Hawk Interview Series | Jamie Prado

LA based producer “Jamie Prado” is responsible for making some of the most infectious grooves and deep jams that have come out in the past year. While his name may be new to some people, those who follow the “Deep House” scene are quickly learning about his sound. We took time to ask him a few questions and share with you his latest release, “African Sun”.

DH: What would you describe your sound as?

JP: I would describe my sound as lush deep house, steeped in Latin rhythm, with heavy doses of tropical textures and sounds. The goal of my sound is to uplift and whisk the listener away into a state of aural bliss.

DH: What are you biggest influences?

JP: In terms of electronic music, I go with the classics; Roy Davis Jr. Armand Van Helden, Nightcrawlers, Strictly Rhythm, Orbital, Deee-lite, 808 State. But there’s as whole contingency of non-electronic artists like Bob James, Bill Withers, Evelin Champagne King, The Stylistics, The Isley Brothers, Tito Puente, Eddie Palmieri and Ray Baretto; who heavily influence my sound.

DH: You’ve been a DJ and produced music for some time but you could be described as an “up and comer”, would you agree with that title?

JP: Although I’m certainly a new face to the house community, my background in production/DJing spans about 15 years. Alongside the Jamie Prado project, I produce Drum and Bass/Bass Music under the name Atlantic Connection where I’ve released a lot of records on many of the most respected national and international labels in the genres. As Drum and Bass has an extremely demanding sonic production model, I’ve been able to translate what I’ve learned to my house production. Expanding into House Music has also allowed my cultural heritage to shine through. I was born in Bogota, Colombia and I’ve been returning frequently to gain inspiration and connect with the local music scene here.

DH: Do you feel that having a “multi-national” background has helped develop your sound?

JP: Absolutely. My mom always says I was blessed with the latino rhythm gene and that energy heavily integrates in my sound as Jamie Prado. I was also raised in Boston in the mid 90’s rave/club scenes with NY House as the soundtrack so there’s a big mash-up of cultures vibes and elements that make up the sound of Jamie Prado. It’s all very full circle and exactly where I need to be at the moment.

DH: Where do you see your music going in the future?

JP: Excited for what the year has in store. I just released new single “African Sun” on Ivory Oasis and it’s been really well received. Following that will be some a new single on LAMP (Los Angeles Music Project) and soon after I’ll be announcing a very special collaborative project. Lots in store.

Jamie Prado: