Michael Mason – The Journey Part 3


We are SO excited with how things have been turning for us at “The Hawk”, and we can’t wait to share what’s next. Trust, it’s dope.

ANYHOW, back to the music! Usually, I prefer posting individual songs, but this mixtape….sheeesh! HOT LIKE FYRE.

If you start a mixtape off with Danny Brown, I will be hooked. Just saying.

For the uninitiated, Michael Mason is a producer who has been making waves lately, specifically with his new EP, “Let It Fall”. And for this mixtape, Mr. Mason takes on a retrospective journey of his year, turning us into some epic tunes along the way.

Hopefully a playlist is forthcoming…need to DL some of this ASAP.


Wings of the Future: Most West

We are always very excited when one of our own gets behind the wheel of this boat we call Wings of the Future…and this time, it’s Most West commandeering this vessel towards warm, crystal blue warm disco waters. ENJOY!



What inspired the name “Most West”?

Wings of the Future: Most West - DaiquiriHawk.comMy good buddy Fade_ and I started a podcast with the name around 2 years ago. I was DJing as “Benedikt” at the time and I wanted to switch my style up a bit and play more funky vibey disco tracks. I was on a banger only diet and needed a change. But the name itself came out of growing up in SD and then moving up to LA so most of my life I have lived on the west coast. super deep huh?


How long have you lived in LA and how has it shaped you as an artist?

I moved to LA in the beginning of 2012 so it’s coming up on 5 years. I was never very far coming from San Diego but road tripping up to LA for weekend shows at Exchange really built up LA in my head as the place to be. So I grabbed my cat and moved up into a little bed-bug infested studio apartment in Westlake. Ever since I have moved up I have been saturated with good and bad shows all around town. I started going out more and seeing so much music that I couldn’t help but want to have my own nights and be a part of this 24/7 scene.


Most influential record you’ve heard recently?

That Mood Hut 13 record all the way! I can’t stop listening to it, it’s just perfect. I’ve written a blog post about it and I tossed it into this mix, so you know I’m kinda into it.


Favorite late night snack?

Street tacos 100% !! Cabeza is my jam prepared spicy and greasy, maybe that’s the SD in me but I love it.


Tell us a little bit about your “Backbeat” vinyl events!

Well the Backbeat party is a night for vinyl heads who aren’t afraid to get down. I want to create a formative dance experience for other disco heads like me. I love disco more than I love a lot of things and I spend most of my day job listening and cataloging new and old disco singles + edits. I wanted a place where I could bring those finds to the people. I love going out and meeting people that come to to the shows and getting lost chatting about artists late into the night. That being said come on out on Oct. 15th for our first Backbeat at our new venu ETA in Highland park ( 5630 N Figueroa St, LA 90042 ) so come check out out and get all funky n’ shit.



  1. Fotspor (Bobby Spice remix) [Holm CPU]
  2. Better [Moodhut]
  3. Cat Lady [Junktion]
  4. Rock (Dub) [Patchworks]
  5. We Got The Funk (Pontchartrain Edit) [Positive Force]
  6. ATMO feat. Paul Cut [Nicholas]
  7. On & On (Part 2) [Rahaan]
  8. Start Again [Superprince]
  9. Tazaar [Tensnake]
  10. The Carrington Spirituals [Ron Basejam]
  11. Ooh, I Love It (Love Break) (Greg Wilson Edit) [The Salsoul Orchestra]
  12. Try To Change [Rafael Cancian]
  13. ELO (VIP) [Ray Barragan]

Wings of the Future: Mr Puzl

Wings of the Future: Mr Puzlhola amigos and amigas!

Our latest installment of the Wings of the Future mix series, comes from our good pal, and label head of PUZL Records, Mr. PUZL!

As a co-founder of LAMP, Mr. PUZL is no stranger to the world of deep grooves and epic journeys. And with this mix, we can only sit back and enjoy: its groovy, deep, emotive, and just what you need to get the week started RIGHT.




In addition to being a skilled DJ, what else keeps you busy?

Haha, much appreciated! So many things…

I run and operate a music collective, promo label called LAMP with my partners in crime Randall Bass and Josh Brooks. We recently launched a distribution label this year called PUZL Records and have put out some EPs from the likes of Jamie Prado, Leo Islo and Dan Jedynak with much more to come this year.

Mr Puzl - DaiquiriHawk.comI also have a full-time job as the Creative Director for a mobile development company in Santa Monica that focuses on iOS, and native web application.

To get some exercise I play in a men’s soccer league on the weekends and our club trains weeknights near DTLA.



What is the most influential record you have heard?

Such a tough question as I think many records and albums for that matter have influenced me at different periods of my life.

The old jazz, funk and R&B records that my Mom would play in the house when I was really young definitely stuck around in my subconscious. Artists like Miles Davis, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Earth Wind & Fire, Parliament-Funkadelic, James Brown, Gladys Knight, Tina Turner and Diana Ross to name a few were just incredible.

Wings of the Future: Mr Puzl - DaiquiriHawk.comMy teenage years would definitely be Jamiroquai with tracks like Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl, Virtual Insanity of course, and Blow Your Mind.

I went through a heavy modern punk phase for a while with tracks like ‘Straight Ahead’ by Pennywise, in fact anything that Epitaph Records was putting out in the late 90s I probably bought.

Weirdly or maybe not, at the same time I was also listening to a bunch of hip-hop like Tribe Called Quest, J5, . There was the incredible compilation from Echo Unlimited called Lyricist Lounge Vol 1 + 2  that changed my perspective on hip-hop music drastically, Mos Def’s track ‘Oh No’ featuring Pharoahe Monch & Nate Dogg, pure fire.

From there I feel like I was always looking for the of the-beaten-path music, regardless of genre.


Any guilty pleasure tracks?

Depends on the night, crowd and where I’m playing but off the top of my head:

Tapesh – Boogie Men
Josh Billings – Perspective
Kevin Over – Retrovision Pt. 1
Super Flu – Jo Gurt (Stephan Bodin Remix)
SBTRKT – Hide or Seek


Also! Favorite mixed/tropical drink! (Or island-based food)

I love a good mudslide! As far as food, my mom used to make an Indonesian dish called ‘Nasi Goreng’, basically a really tasty fried rice meal.

Wings of the Future: Alex Harrington

YWings of the Future: Alex Harrington - DaiquiriHawk.comou ready for an intergalactic disco-fueled adventure? Good, us too.

Our latest installment features our label co-founder, Alex Harrington!

Then hit that big orange play button below and a deep disco dive with Alex Harrington, and groove those bad vibes away.

This mixtape is so hot and fresh from the oven, we recommend waiting 5-10 minutes for it to cool, so you don’t burn yourself.



  1. Alex Harrington – Endless
  2. Kenya, Sean McCabe – Let Me (Sean McCabe Main Vocal Remix)
  3. Gigamesh ft Caroline Smith – Control
  4. The Hoo – Guepe Ride (Extended Version)
  5. Disco Despair ft Jeremey David – You Are Girl (Birdee Remix)
  6. Calippo – Playing Games
  7. Tom Novy ft Michael Marshall – Your Body
  8. Mood II Swing ft Tara J – Passing Time
  9. Tennishero ft Chelonis R Jones – Alone
  10. BB Diamond – Instinct (Tom Ferry Remix)
  11. Full Crate ft Gia Koka – Son of a Gun (Extended Mix)
  12. Mousse T – Horny (Les Loups Mix)
  13. Kraak & Smaak ft Mayer Hawthorne – I Don’t Know Why (Kon’s Tux Remix)
  14. Kyle “Small” Smith ft Krystal Dixon – #InnocentKind (Frankie Feliciano Reprise)
  15. Beyonce – Formation (Laibert Remix)
  16. 86Deep – Hot Night
  17. Reggie Got Beats – Spend The Night (BVRGER Flip)
  18. Ariana Grande – Into You (Tom Ferry Remix)

Wings of the Future: Dynamique

Wings of the Future: Dynamique - DaiquiriHawk.comIf you’re ready for a sing-along style mixtape filled with deep grooves and swirling synths, you’ve landed at the right intergalactic disco bar, my friend.

American producer/DJ “Dynamique” aka Elliot Herbert, is a master of the Disco Arts. His remixes and original productions contain some of the best cuts in disco as well as house.

A talented DJ as well, we are more than excited to present our latest “Wings of the Future” mix from the man himself.

Wings of the Future: Dynamique - DaiquiriHawk.comNot limited to just one genre, this mix will take you on an audio journey though some of the freshest tracks around. Packed with a sense of urgency that is often lacking in mixtapes, Dynamique proves his namesake true, and brings a clean mix of tunes ready for your next poolside soiree. With a perfect mix of hip-hop vocals and tropical-based sounds, this mix is perfect for your friends who like to sing along to their tunes. And groove. Really hard.

This fresh dose of tunes is best enjoyed with a tall, cool mojito. Or a daiquiri, obviously.


Wings of the Future: Adrien Lemaire / Do You Like That Song?

For our latest installment, we’ve invited our good friend Adrien from Do You Like That Song? to join the parade. And well, if you aren’t ready for the changing of the season…this groove-filled mix will kick that feeling into gear.

The summer is coming, get the frosty drinks ready.




1. For those who don’t know, please introduce yourself!

Hey guys! I’m Adrien, 24 years old, from France and currently living in Paris. I’m working in digital marketing and share my passion for music with my blog “Do You Like That Song?” that I launched in 2012. I DJ at events from time to time too – you can get a taste of my favorite tracks at the moment in my mix above.


2. You are based in Paris, what is the nu-disco/indie dance scene like right now? Growing? Fading?

France has been one of the most productive nu-disco and indie dance scene, and I think most of the foreign nu-disco artists came to play in Paris. However, I would say this scene in Paris is fading. We see less nu-disco events and releases than before. In general, I think the nu-disco scene is fading, some of the pioneers start to make more “commercial songs” and can disappoint their early fans. Don’t get me wrong, we can still hear some awesome nu-disco/indie dance songs, but the scene is less interesting than before!

But the Paris electronic scene is still really interesting, and the lines between music genres (nu-disco, house, indie pop, R’n’B…) are more and more blurred. Some labels, like Nowadays Records or Roche Musique for example, manage to stay ahead of the game and keep the scene alive by signing new artists and organising parties in various places.


Wings of the Future: Adrien Lemaire / Do You Like That Song?3. Favorite place to see a DJ/Favorite place to see a live band

At the moment, my favorite place to see a DJ is a club called Badaboum. It has just the good size, a very good artistic direction, and a great cocktail bar. They are also welcoming live shows, I’ve seen Moullinex play there with his band for example.

As for live bands, I like going to La Gaité Lyrique, where I have seen amazing shows by Odesza and Superpoze. It’s a perfect venue for electronic bands using visuals in the background, and it has a beautiful vintage room where you can have a drink before the show.




4. Favorite post-show food

My answer won’t be original, but I would choose a burger. It has become really popular in Paris so you can eat very good ones in any area of the city – much better than the ones in regular fast foods.

5. You run a music blog as well, ,please tell us about that proccess, how it started, etc

I started Do You Like That Song in 2012 with a simple goal: gather my music discoveries and share it with people interested in the same genres. After a few months and seeing the number of followers increasing, I decided to spend more time on it, contacting artists and labels I liked, creating a more complete platform … Little by little, these efforts allowed me to develop a larger audience and more connections in the music industry, with artists and bloggers. Actually, these connections and helping readers to discover new music they like are the best aspects for me.

With more and more music blogs and information online, attracting visitors is much more difficult than when I started. Just posting new songs is not enough, so I try to offer original content and create a real connection with my audience. That’s what I try to do by explaining why I like a song, interviewing upcoming artists, share videos of live shows…

In spite of these challenges, I could reach a number of milestones in 4 years: first event for the 2nd birthday, being indexed on Hype Machine, being finalist at the competition Golden Blog Awards, organising a party for the 4th birthday this year… Let’s see what’s yet to come!

Find Do You Like That Song on Soundcloud

Mixtape Tracklist:

  1. Giselle – Silk (Favored Nations Remix)
  2. Syl Johnson – Is It Because I’m Black (David August Reconstruction)
  3. HONNE – Warm On A Cold Night (Embody Remix)
  4. Harvey Sutherland – Bamboo
  5. Luxxury – Breathe
  6. HNNY – Solsidan
  7. Klaves – People
  8. Kenny Summit – The Dirty Lowdown
  9. Laurence Guy – W.L.Y.B
  10. Roosevelt – Colours
  11. Wealth – S.T.E.A.M.
  12. Liem – If Only


Here is a small collection of some tracks I have been playin’ lately. Just a few tracks, but they are quite potent.

Am I Wrong (Sammy Bananas Bootleg) [Anderson Paak]
Heart Of Glass (Oliver & Thee Mike B Remix) [Blondie]
World Needs Love [Greg Wilson]
Crave You [Flight Facilities]

I felt that I had to start off the mix with some of that new shit from Sammy Bananas. It kind of has a funky Les Sins vibe that I’m really digging. Followed by a not too new edit of Blondie who I will never apologize for playing, she is the one true queen. Greg Wilson knocks it out of the park with this original gem I picked up recently. Finales are better when they are drip with gold and reek of longing. till next time, enjoy



Till next time,
Most West

Wings of the Future: Justin Cornwall

Wings of the Future: Justin Cornwall - Daiquiri HawkFor the next installment of our Wings of the Future mixtape series, we’ve called on our good pal, and fantastic DJ, Justin Cornwall for mix duties. And well, dude brought home the bacon.

With this mix, you’ll get not only a sampling of some of the finest tunes around, but you’ll take a deep dive into the sounds of a master technician. Hold your breath, its a long, sweet ride to the bottom, and an elegant, satisfying ride back up.

We also had the distinct pleasure of catching up with Mr. Cornwall, and asked him a few questions.  Enjoy!

What’s your inspiration when it comes to spinning live?

The electric energy you can get going between yourself and the audience. Once you start seeing the seeds you initially plant in the beginning of your set begin to bloom, you see what to build on or what to keep in the background, and there’s no feeling like in the world! Getting people to move with tracks you’ve dug for is a great feeling – definitely one of my biggest motivations and inspirations when playing live.

Wings of the Future: Justin Cornwall - Daiquiri HawkYou’re playing at a club that serves no booze, but they have your favorite drink otherwise. What would you stock the bar with?

Ginger beer! I’ve become quite the connoisseur over the years and there are MANY great kinds out there.

Favorite album of all-time? (and why!)

Carrie & Lowell by Sufjan Stevens. It came out last year, but it is my favorite album of all time. It’s so raw and honest, Sufjan is an amazing songwriter. The instrumentation on this record is also so simple at times, completely layered at others, 100% genius. I was also able to see him tour that album and it was an incredible concert – his words resonate with anyone in any walk of life. Here’s my favorite track from it. Do not miss him at Coachella this year.

Being a LA resident, how have you seen the DJ scene change over the past few years?

People don’t like helping each other, unless you can offer them something. I don’t see that in other scenes as much as you do in LA. Recently on my tour in NZ, everyone was happy to help everyone else. Gigs were readily available and people wanted to see new faces behind the decks. In LA, you need to know someone who knows someone who thinks you can do something for them in the future – it’s lame and all about numbers. When I book someone, I’m booking for a good fit – not door sales. There are still small veins where love for music shines through, but for the most part people are just paper chasers out here. Thanks for letting me do this mix!!


Rex The Dog- Sicko
Owiny Sigoma Band – Nyiduonge Drums
Marshall Applewhite – Cheddar Bae
LFO – LFO (Mak & Pasteman Leeds Basshouse Mix)
Kaskade & Cid – Us (Ardalan Remix)
Claptone – Evil Woman vs In The Dark
Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You (12″ Club Mix)
Basement Jaxx – Make Me Sweat
Dusky – Mr Man (Original Mix)
Fur Coat – U Turn
David Gtronic & Lilith (NL) – 7 Minutes of Love (Dub)
Alex Metric – Drum Machine (Ft. The New Sins)
ONNO – Some Mo (Martin Landsky Remix)
Compuphonic Feat. Marques Toliver – Sunset (Waze & Odyssey Street Tracks Mix)
The Glitz – Friends (Original Mix)
Milk & Sugar & Nomfus – Heat (African Day) (Calippo Remix)
Motez – Down Like This
Tiga – Bugatti (Eats Everything Cortina Version)
Doorly, Cajmere & Dajae – The Way (Original Mix)

Wings of the Future: Maikol

Welcome one, welcome all…your just in time for the grooves…

For the 3rd installment in the Wings of the Future mixtape series, we enlisted our good friend Maikol to lace up some of his classic groove-filled disco cookies with chocolate covered house chips, and bake it at 400 degrees.

The result? QUE DELICIOSO.

Truth be told, we’ve been listening to this mix nonstop for the past week, and we think you will follow suit. We had a few minutes to sit down with Maikol (a.k.a. Michael Allegan), and ask him about his own mixtapes, and his work with L’Affaire Musicale, and LA-based event company.

Scroll down, hit the play button, and learn about how he got the name, MAIKOL!

What inspired your mix for us?

It was this movie on Netflix called Turbo Kid, which is an amazing nostalgic filled 80s throwback film that came out last year. I highly recommend watching it! The opening track to this mix is from the soundtrack by these great French producers Le Matos, who scored the whole movie. That’s also what inspired me to use a sound clip from my favorite character Bill Paxton has ever played from one of my favorite 80s or horror movies: Aliens.


How do you curate your song catalogue?

I usually start with a few songs I’ve been really into lately, conscious of what key they’re in, and then navigate from there with whatever music I’ve acquired lately or older songs I still love. I’m not prejudice towards old vs new, just anything that I feel fits!


If you could have food from your favorite restaurant delivered to all your gigs, what spot would you pick?

Gigi’s Cuban bakery on temple street because their food is amazing. And they always misspell my name on the receipt, one time happened to be Maikol, which inspired my DJ name!


Anything on the horizon for the rest of 2016?

More mixes and more gigs! Also, I have Ableton now, so maybe someday I’ll find the time for that.

Wings of the Future: Dilemmachine

Sometimes…you just need a little summer…and that’s exactly what Dilemmachine has delivered with the second installment of our Wings of the Future mixtape series!

We had the pleasure of catching up with Jason/Dilemmachine as well, and asked him a few questions about his musical endeavors, his hardcore music past, and his bright future!

What is the inspiration behind the name “Dilemmachine”?

The name Dilemmachine is a combination of the words dilemma and machine, and I borrowed it from a song by the band Norma Jean, who I used to listen to a lot when I was a fan of metal and hardcore music. When I was first making music on computers, I was using a PC platform and constantly had a lot of issues, so I found it to be a bonus that Dilemmachine also described my computer.

Wings of the Future: Dilemmachine - DaiquiriHawk.com - Deep House, Nu Disco, Indie Dance How would you describe your sound?

My sound started off as a sample-based electro funk/disco house type of sound several years ago and has evolved a bit to be more of a synth based retro-futuristic sound. I’ve been heavily influenced by 80‘s sounds like Jan Hammer’s work on the Miami Vice soundtrack. If you can imagine a combo of nu disco, neo 80’s, tropical, and future house, that’s the sound I’m leaning towards achieving these days.

When you DJ, what’s your process for selecting tracks?

It all depends on the setting, but for the most part I like to begin the set with slower BPM and gradually work up towards faster, more house type stuff. If I’m trying select tracks on the fly, I’m looking for stuff that will transition well based first on similar tempo, and then on key. I’m no magician when it comes to transitions and “reading the crowd” so I generally need to do some preparation beforehand in order to put on a successful performance.

Your most recent EP, “Dream Noir” recently came out via Nu Disco Your Disco. Are you currently working on any new material?

I recently needed to get a repair done on my computer and move my studio but now that those things are done I’ve started working on new sounds and ideas. I have some new material that Chris Kyriakos, one of the singers on “Dream Noir” composed and gave to me to produce. He has a plethora of ideas and material and I’m sure I’ll be able to generate new stuff with him again.


  1. Carl Louis – Telescope (feat. ARY)
  2. Shiny Objects – Do It Now
  3. Without – Sum1 Else
  4. Skrillex & Diplo – To U (feat. AlunaGeorge) (Oliver Remix)
  5. Mowe & Daniel Nitt – Lovers Friends
  6. Dilemmachine – Cry No More
  7. Anderson Paak – Am I Wrong (feat. Schoolboy Q)
  8. Pat Lok – All In My Head (feat. Desiree Dawson)(Gold Fields Remix)
  9. Donkeyboy – Lost Jay West & Manuel Sahagun – Got Me Insane (Monte Remix)
  10. Kris Menace & Lifelike – Discopolis 2.0 (Club Mix)
  11. Platinum Doug – Take It Off #Mali – Stay (Toniia & Kris Santiago Remix)
  12. Mr. Rogers – I’ll Take You (Solidisco Remix)
  13. Alex Harrington – Tru Groove
  14. The Six – Don’t Go Running (Tobtok Remix)
  15. Sigala – Sweet Lovin’ (feat. Bryn Christopher)
  16. Sam Feldt & The Him – Midnight Hearts (feat. Angi3)
  17. Rudimental ft. Ed Sheeran – Lay It All On Me (Sultan & Shepard Remix)
  18. Oliver Heldens & Throttle – Waiting
  19. Borns – Electric Love (Oliver Remix)