PREMIERE: Jason Gaffner – Feel Something (Factuel remix)

PREMIERE: Jason Gaffner - Feel Something (Factuel remix) = DaiquiriHawk.comHappy Friday, Hawks and Hawkettes!

We have a really special surprise for everyone today, a world premiere of Factuel’s remix of Jason Gaffner’s “Feel Something”!

If you woke up today thinking…”I need that FUNK”. We got you, we got you.

Taking the epic grooves of the original and lacing it up with clean, bouncing synth work, Factuel has really put a sweet spin on this tune. Nu-disco is alive and well, as the tune ebbs and flows through deeper grooves and comes blasting back as the pitched-down vocals lead the drop into a beautiful melange of horns and synths.

Smooth feels, heavy synth work, and a nod to the hey-day of Nu-Disco (2008, right??), this tune is perfect for warming up any cold day, or vibe.

Throw this one into your rotation and let the feels…heal.

PREMIERE: Isle & Fever – Dime Piece (Jason Gaffner Remix)

Debuting the latest from crooner/jammer/musician extraordinaire Jason Gaffner. His take on “Dime Piece” from Isle & Fever is a slick cut that contains the right amounts of groove and fun. Retaining the the feel of the original track while also providing us with something new. Indie Dance goodness at it’s finest!

PREMIERE: Nonfiction, Thomas Garcia Feat. Missy B – I Like It Better (Original Mix)

Starting the week off with a bang in the form of new music from Nonfiction x Thomas Garcia. “I Like It Better” comes off their new release “Big Bro, Little Bro” EP. Featuring vocals from Missy B and a savage house drum line that combine for a sure fire, dance floor burner. Check it out now and grab the whole release while you’re at it.

Loframes Feat. Anoraak – Since You’ve Gone (FINAL DJS Remix)

What happens when you bring three titans of feel good, electro  Nu Disco together?

You might get something that sounds like the FINAL DJS remix of “Since You’ve Gone” from Loframes + Anoraak. Bringing together the sounds of summer nostalgia and an indie dance groove you can’t deny. There is a lot of impressive synth work here as well. A late night jam that is sure to get you feeling good.

Monday Roundup | August 28 2017

We have five good reasons for you to clap your hands and say yeah. Monday this week brings a collection of tracks inspired by the Indie Dance side of things…with just a dash of Disco:

Tabrill – Lossless (feat. Emily)

Infectious pop sounds combine with a chilled out beat to create an almost euphoric track. The vocals courtesy of Emily complete the arrangement beautifully. Definitely one to wrap yourself up in.

Indeep – Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Stephen Richards Remix)

Stephen Richards does it again. This time with a hypnotic take on Indeep’s well known hit “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life”. This version is deep washed in Disco vibes and has everything you need from a proper groove.

NoMBe – Young Hearts (Jason Gaffner Remix)

Dreamy vocals and a deliciously retro beat bring Jason Gaffner’s take on “Young Hearts” to life. Upbeat with just enough sleepiness to keep you coming back for more.

Yumi Zouma – Depths (Pt. I)

One of my favorite groups. “Depths (Pt. I)” is a gorgeous track that seems to get it all right. Sweet vocals, incredibly intricate instrumental work, and a simple packaging make this one a sure hit.

Greg Wanders – Wildfire

Smooth and soulful. Cannot go wrong when you bring the best elements of R&B + Neo-Soul together. Not to mention incredible vocals and lyrics that are completely relatable.

Friday Quickie | August 25 2017

On Friday’s, we keep it simple. Here are five jams ready-made for your listening pleasure…so don’t hesitate to get down and unwind a little. Treat yo ‘self!

Sebb Junior – Untitled Love Song

Icarus – Trouble feat Talay Riley

Major Lazer – Aerosol Can (feat. Pharrell) [Thomas Garcia x Hello Harry Remix]

JNTHN STEIN – Master Control ft. BXRBER (Pat Lok Remix)

Love Galore x Don’t Get Too High (Porsia Camille Mashup)

JNTHN STEIN – Master Control ft. BXRBER (Pat Lok Remix)

You could say things between us and Pat Lok are pretty serious.

Hell, we should just dedicate a weekly section to the man! His latest offering comes in the form of a remix for the incomparable JNTHN STEIN. His take on “Master Control” is sexy, slick and filled with groove. The beat takes the shape of a smooth hip hop jam while the synths soar above it with a lightness. Of course, there is some fancy key work here. Some how, Pat Lok always finds a way to surprise us no matter how inconspicuous it is.

Wednesday Roundup | August 23 2017

Ready to take that hump day to a bump day? We have five selections that are sure to put some pep in that step and get you even closer to the weekend.

Disco Fries ft. Great Good Fine OK – Moving On

Two of our personal favorites come together for the ultimate feel good track! Lots of bounce and feels on this one.

Klyne – Sure Thing

Neo-soul masters Klyne bring the heat with this track. Off their self-titled album which we HIGHLY recommend.

Toniia & Menend – Here Where I Am

Toniia and Menend join forces on this beautiful track. Big beat, soulful vocals, and driving synths bring it to life.

She Said Disco – Time To Move

Take an electronic bath in 80s glory with the latest from “She Said Disco”! Throwing it back to this 2016 Nervous Inc. release.

Just Kiddin x Dirty Radio – My Life

Just Kiddin and Dirty Radio are a perfect match for what just may be the most summer-y track of the summer!

PREMIERE: Major Lazer – Aerosol Can (feat. Pharrell) [Thomas Garcia x Hello Harry Remix]

Looking for something fresh and dope? Sounds great right? It is because today we bring you an exclusive SoundCloud premiere of this awesome Major Lazer remix from Thomas Garcia x Hello Harry!

Their take on “Aerosol Can” takes out the filler and replaces it with dance floor killer vibes. Nothing too flashy or over produced here. One thing about “major artist” remixes is that sometimes the original takes over the remix. Not the case here. Both producers do well to keep it dance driven. The vocal samples are well placed and drops are smartly executed.

Major Lazer – Aerosol Can (feat. Pharrell)[Thomas Garcia x Hello Harry Remix]

Thomas Garcia:

Hello Harry:

Monday Roundup | August 21 2017

What’s in a Monday? How about five vibe-filled tracks that are sure to help start your week right? Today we bring you the latest from Moon Boots, Birdee, JNL featuring Vikings, Third Floor, as well as the latest from myself.

From Disco to chill there is plenty to love here. So turn that frown upside down, get that chin up, and eclipse any negative thoughts with these fantastic tracks.

Moon Boots – Never Get To You Feat. Antony & Cleopatra

This fantastic cut comes off his debut album “First Landing” out now. A soul filled, heart wrenching jam with MB’s signature keys evident.

JNL + Vikings – Into The Fire

Downtempo and a down jam! Filled with groove and a slick guitar line. How about those vocals?

Betty Moon – Life Is But A Dream (Birdee Remix)

The disco master does it again! This time for LA based artist Betty Moon who sees her album “Chrome” drop 8/25.

Third Floor – Oceans

If you haven’t heard of “Third Floor” yet, this is your chance to get aquatinted. “Oceans” is emotion filled and beat driven with soulful pianos.

Alex Harrington – Take Me to My Lover

If you dig disco this one is for you! Out now.