Pat Lok – Stay Together

Pat Lok is a man of many hats when it comes to what genre he plays. From Deep House to Blog House, his signature sound always persists regardless of tempo or vibe. “Stay Together” sits nicely between Deep and Future House with a crazy-infectious vocal track. Pat commands some of the best drops in the game, which is more than evident here. One moment you’re swaying to a breakdown…the next you’re having a dance party. Keep an eye out for his new album dropping soon…

Golden Vessel – Shoulders ft Elkkle & Mallrat

Starting this week of with a gorgeous track from Golden Vessel. A collaboration with Elkkle & Mallard, “Shoulders” is a driving-yet-dreamy song that carries a lot of emotion. From the booming kick to the warm bass, this track envelops the listener quite beautifully. Wind down you evenings with this one…or start off your day with it.

Just Kiddin – More To Life

Need something that has the perfect mix of inspiration and big dance sounds? Look no further. Our good friends Just Kiddin are gearing up for Summer with their new track “More To Life”. The Potion Records releases sees JK take another massive step towards dance floor glory with a track that is perfect for anytime, anywhere. Listening to this song may literally inspire you to feel like you have found “More To Life”…or at least more gold for your playlists!

PREMIERE: Lorde – Green Light (Holiday & Jason Gaffner Remix)

Turn up your Friday with this remix of Lorde’s “Green Light” courtesy of Jason Gaffner and Holiday. This take brings us something a little different. Containing an arrangement of flowing synths, the electro is strong on this one. Quickly sweeping from flowing breaks to trap beat infused hits. You can also find a beautifully crafted bridge around the 2:20 mark. Don’t write this off as just another “Green Light” remix…add it to your playlists and soak up the vibe.


Midnight Pool Party – Vulnerable

New fresh cuts. If you were lookin’ for ’em, we got ’em. 

It’s kind of what we do here.

One of the most choice cuts, is the newest offering from one of our favorites around here, Midnight Pool Party, and their latest single, “Vulnerable“. This one is fitting perfectly with the recent cooler weather returning. Welcomed, to say the least, IMO.

Down-tempo house grooves flood through when the track begins, as a driving organ line builds the feels. Perfect for late night drives, this tune is a head-nodder through and through. While some of their other work has been a little more upbeat, this groove fits the songs so well, its a very nice change of pace, yet still vibes well in the MPP catalog. Two cups up from us.

If you are looking for a sweet soul lounge house burner (just made that one up…), tune your dials toward Australia, as the dudes of Midnight Pool Party are lookin’ for dance floors near you.

Vulnerable is the single from their latest EP, which you can stream here on Spotify.

Secret Spade – Secret Spade EP

For the past week or so, I have been enjoying the debut EP from Aussie’s Secret Spade. Their first EP offering goes by the name “Secret Spade EP” and features five tracks. We already shared “Gallows” with you in an earlier post but now we get a true feel for what this new project has to offer. Driving house beats merge with emotional vocals and slick synth work across the entire record. Not one to be missed!

Daily Holla – Waves (ft. J Fitz)

It doesn’t get lusher than this…

The latest offering from Australian young gun Daily Holla is a fantastic cut of future sounds with an intoxicating beat. “Waves” is the second single off his forthcoming “the HYPERCOLOUR collection EP” and it does not disappoint. Cutting synths and airy pads melt perfectly into the vocals, courtesy of J Fitz.

Daily Holla:


Dell Sway – Baby Don’t Waist My Time

Well, I am not exactly sure who Dell Sway is…but I do know one thing: this debut album/mixtape is really, really good.

I literally just stumbled upon his new mixtape, produced by Zephyr, entitled “I Heart Dell Sway” and have been jamming for the past 2 hours straight on it. I was actually going to post about a different song, erased it, and here we are.

So, the whole album/mixtape is really interesting and new yet familiar, but “Baby Don’t Waist My Time” is a slice of pure funk goodness. Taking you back to the late 70’s with a super sweet synth arrangement, this tune really stands out. While I’m not a huge fan of the auto-tuned vocal effect, Dell really does a nice job using it to supplement his vocal style, rather than guide it. Pumping slap bass accents encircle the chorus, as a soulful background vocal guides your head nods and foot shuffles.

So, take a step back, and dive right in. Your soul will thank you later.

Final DJS – Antigua

We’re happy to share with you the latest EP from German-maestro Final DJS! “Antigua” is out now on NDYD Records and it is a class offering of Deep House vibes. You won’t find any overloaded kicks or massive bass saws here…but what you will find is plenty of groove. We personally found this one to contain some serious Carl Cox-esqe sounds which reflects upon Seb’s ability to produce. Not one to be missed!

Final DJS:



Premiere: Jason Gaffner – When The Sun Goes (Farleon Remix)

We are excited to bring you one EXCELLENT reason to turn that “Monday frown” upside-down. Today’s offering comes in the form of a remix from Farleon of “When The Sun Goes” by Jason Gaffner.

Farleon completely encapsulates the magic of Jason’s vocal work on the original version. Drenched in sun shine and bathed in bass!

Jason Gaffner: