Hoodlem – Firing Line (Ark Patrol Remix)

If you need a moment to collect yourself, without losing the beat…we’ve got just the thing for you.

Ark Patrol is serving up some excellent chill-wave with their new remix of Hoodlem’s “Firing Line”!

A slowly building movement, the harmonies start early and eventually grab full hold of your emotions.  Soothing vocals cascade in, with the drums slowly building into a spacey arpeggiated  synth line that brings the vibe full circle. The chorus is full of synth swells and driving vocals, perfect for long afternoons drifting into cool nights.

When you need a few moments to yourself, let Ark Patrol guide you home from deep space. 



ϟ Ark Patrol ϟ
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ϟ Hoodlem ϟ
Website: www.hoodlemmusic.com
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Soundcloud: @hoodlemmusic
Instagram: www.instagram.com/hoodlemmusic
Twitter: www.twitter.com/hoodlemmusic

Vallès – Sorrow (Conrad Clifton Remix)

Time to start your Tuesday off with a serious groove.

The new tune from Vallès has some really solid remixes, and this Conrad Clifton flip is no different.

Somewhat somber, yet constantly reassuring, this tune slowly meanders and builds, letting you drift along effortlessly. With a drum track that keeps your head moving, the expertly chopped vocals add an ambiance of forgiveness, which only adds another layer to this excellent track.

Don’t take our word for it (well, do that too), jam it out for yourself with the video below!

Find Valles on Soundcloud

Brandyn Burnette – Made Of Dreams (Win & Woo x Kiso Remix)

Mid-week jam time? CHECK.

Win & Woo have been putting out heaters for a while and this new collaboration with Kiso is no exception. Bouncy, grooving, and somewhat nostalgic all at the same time, this new touch on Brandyn Burnette‘s “Made of Dreams” is perfect for the changing of the seasons into spring. Or just dreaming of summer, depending on your locale.

This tune is made for chilled cocktails, drives along the coast, and taking a little time out of your day to enjoy yourself. You deserve it.


Jerry Folk – To My Soul

Starting a new year of tracks off with a bang, Jerry Folk brings the vibiest of feelings to his new track, To My Soul. 

As a swanky organ builds the melody, a haunting vocal clip glides into place. Placed ever so gently with the occasional blipped key sound, the drop is well…delightful, to say the least. This track effortlessly moves itself into your subconscious, causing not only excessive replays…but extremely positive vibes.

You’ve been warned.


Jerry Folk on Soundcloud


Dilemmachine – Where I Wanna Be (Original Mix)

Straight from the throne of Nu Disco comes the latest from Nu Disco Your Disco and Dilemmachine. Off the EP “Dream Noir” out now.

If you like a) kicking back, b) “chillin”, or c) being vibey…this song is for you.


Just Kiddin’ – Only for You (Club Mix)

Deep House heavyweights Just Kiddin hit us with a brand new tune that’s packed full of emotion and sunshine.

Dive into this jam, and get ready for summer.