Khamsin - Space (feat. M. Maggie) -

Khamsin – Space (feat. M. Maggie)

Like a slow walk through a snow-covered forest, this song slowly encompasses you with each passing moment. Atmospheric where it needs to be, and driving at times as well, the new single from Khamsin featuring M. Maggie, “Space” is a perfect respite from the often complicated world around us.

Deep pianos, reverberated vocal clips, and beautifully delivered vocals from M. Maggie, turn “Space” into a soul-searching journey, complete with a pulsating chorus melody, letting its hair down, if only slightly.

When you need a moment to think, or just a little room to breathe…drop the needle on this one ASAP and thank us later.


P.S. dont forget to grab his new EP, out now on Yunizon Records!

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