Monday Roundup | August 21 2017

What’s in a Monday? How about five vibe-filled tracks that are sure to help start your week right? Today we bring you the latest from Moon Boots, Birdee, JNL featuring Vikings, Third Floor, as well as the latest from myself.

From Disco to chill there is plenty to love here. So turn that frown upside down, get that chin up, and eclipse any negative thoughts with these fantastic tracks.

Moon Boots – Never Get To You Feat. Antony & Cleopatra

This fantastic cut comes off his debut album “First Landing” out now. A soul filled, heart wrenching jam with MB’s signature keys evident.

JNL + Vikings – Into The Fire

Downtempo and a down jam! Filled with groove and a slick guitar line. How about those vocals?

Betty Moon – Life Is But A Dream (Birdee Remix)

The disco master does it again! This time for LA based artist Betty Moon who sees her album “Chrome” drop 8/25.

Third Floor – Oceans

If you haven’t heard of “Third Floor” yet, this is your chance to get aquatinted. “Oceans” is emotion filled and beat driven with soulful pianos.

Alex Harrington – Take Me to My Lover

If you dig disco this one is for you! Out now.

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