Wings of the Future: Alex Harrington -

Wings of the Future: Alex Harrington

YWings of the Future: Alex Harrington - DaiquiriHawk.comou ready for an intergalactic disco-fueled adventure? Good, us too.

Our latest installment features our label co-founder, Alex Harrington!

Then hit that big orange play button below and a deep disco dive with Alex Harrington, and groove those bad vibes away.

This mixtape is so hot and fresh from the oven, we recommend waiting 5-10 minutes for it to cool, so you don’t burn yourself.



  1. Alex Harrington – Endless
  2. Kenya, Sean McCabe – Let Me (Sean McCabe Main Vocal Remix)
  3. Gigamesh ft Caroline Smith – Control
  4. The Hoo – Guepe Ride (Extended Version)
  5. Disco Despair ft Jeremey David – You Are Girl (Birdee Remix)
  6. Calippo – Playing Games
  7. Tom Novy ft Michael Marshall – Your Body
  8. Mood II Swing ft Tara J – Passing Time
  9. Tennishero ft Chelonis R Jones – Alone
  10. BB Diamond – Instinct (Tom Ferry Remix)
  11. Full Crate ft Gia Koka – Son of a Gun (Extended Mix)
  12. Mousse T – Horny (Les Loups Mix)
  13. Kraak & Smaak ft Mayer Hawthorne – I Don’t Know Why (Kon’s Tux Remix)
  14. Kyle “Small” Smith ft Krystal Dixon – #InnocentKind (Frankie Feliciano Reprise)
  15. Beyonce – Formation (Laibert Remix)
  16. 86Deep – Hot Night
  17. Reggie Got Beats – Spend The Night (BVRGER Flip)
  18. Ariana Grande – Into You (Tom Ferry Remix)

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