Wings of the Future: Dynamique -

Wings of the Future: Dynamique

Wings of the Future: Dynamique - DaiquiriHawk.comIf you’re ready for a sing-along style mixtape filled with deep grooves and swirling synths, you’ve landed at the right intergalactic disco bar, my friend.

American producer/DJ “Dynamique” aka Elliot Herbert, is a master of the Disco Arts. His remixes and original productions contain some of the best cuts in disco as well as house.

A talented DJ as well, we are more than excited to present our latest “Wings of the Future” mix from the man himself.

Wings of the Future: Dynamique - DaiquiriHawk.comNot limited to just one genre, this mix will take you on an audio journey though some of the freshest tracks around. Packed with a sense of urgency that is often lacking in mixtapes, Dynamique proves his namesake true, and brings a clean mix of tunes ready for your next poolside soiree. With a perfect mix of hip-hop vocals and tropical-based sounds, this mix is perfect for your friends who like to sing along to their tunes. And groove. Really hard.

This fresh dose of tunes is best enjoyed with a tall, cool mojito. Or a daiquiri, obviously.


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