Wings of the Future: Most West

Wings of the Future: Most West

We are always very excited when one of our own gets behind the wheel of this boat we call Wings of the Future…and this time, it’s Most West commandeering this vessel towards warm, crystal blue warm disco waters. ENJOY!



What inspired the name “Most West”?

Wings of the Future: Most West - DaiquiriHawk.comMy good buddy Fade_ and I started a podcast with the name around 2 years ago. I was DJing as “Benedikt” at the time and I wanted to switch my style up a bit and play more funky vibey disco tracks. I was on a banger only diet and needed a change. But the name itself came out of growing up in SD and then moving up to LA so most of my life I have lived on the west coast. super deep huh?


How long have you lived in LA and how has it shaped you as an artist?

I moved to LA in the beginning of 2012 so it’s coming up on 5 years. I was never very far coming from San Diego but road tripping up to LA for weekend shows at Exchange really built up LA in my head as the place to be. So I grabbed my cat and moved up into a little bed-bug infested studio apartment in Westlake. Ever since I have moved up I have been saturated with good and bad shows all around town. I started going out more and seeing so much music that I couldn’t help but want to have my own nights and be a part of this 24/7 scene.


Most influential record you’ve heard recently?

That Mood Hut 13 record all the way! I can’t stop listening to it, it’s just perfect. I’ve written a blog post about it and I tossed it into this mix, so you know I’m kinda into it.


Favorite late night snack?

Street tacos 100% !! Cabeza is my jam prepared spicy and greasy, maybe that’s the SD in me but I love it.


Tell us a little bit about your “Backbeat” vinyl events!

Well the Backbeat party is a night for vinyl heads who aren’t afraid to get down. I want to create a formative dance experience for other disco heads like me. I love disco more than I love a lot of things and I spend most of my day job listening and cataloging new and old disco singles + edits. I wanted a place where I could bring those finds to the people. I love going out and meeting people that come to to the shows and getting lost chatting about artists late into the night. That being said come on out on Oct. 15th for our first Backbeat at our new venu ETA in Highland park ( 5630 N Figueroa St, LA 90042 ) so come check out out and get all funky n’ shit.



  1. Fotspor (Bobby Spice remix) [Holm CPU]
  2. Better [Moodhut]
  3. Cat Lady [Junktion]
  4. Rock (Dub) [Patchworks]
  5. We Got The Funk (Pontchartrain Edit) [Positive Force]
  6. ATMO feat. Paul Cut [Nicholas]
  7. On & On (Part 2) [Rahaan]
  8. Start Again [Superprince]
  9. Tazaar [Tensnake]
  10. The Carrington Spirituals [Ron Basejam]
  11. Ooh, I Love It (Love Break) (Greg Wilson Edit) [The Salsoul Orchestra]
  12. Try To Change [Rafael Cancian]
  13. ELO (VIP) [Ray Barragan]

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